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iWander was born when our CEO Yuliya Kutna quit her job to take a year off to travel the world.

Yuliya was born in Ukraine but grew up in a busy city of Chicago. Working since she was old enough to do so, putting in 50+ hours a week with barely any time to do anything else, let alone travel. Year after year nothing was changing and it was time to take charge of her life.

The goal was to see as much of our beautiful world as possible before returning back to reality and back to the corporate world.  Little did she know, she was never going to be the same, and what she considered the norm just a year ago, will never satisfy her again.

After returning back to the states and trying to readjust back to what people consider normal life here, she quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work for her ever again, but what she was planning wasn’t going to be easy. After spending months of planning, researching and putting details together, iWander Travels was finally born!


  • Our mission is to make our world a better place by bringing people together from all over the globe, one epic adventure at a time!
  • You will make life long friends from day one. That’s why solo travelers love us!  And we keep our groups small so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a large group!
  • We do extensive research to make sure we only support sanctuaries that treat elephants humanly! The well being of these incredible animals is more important than any tourist attraction.
  • We donate a percentage of all profits to various causes throughout the communities we visit.
  • Every part of the trip is built by our team, who personally stayed at every guesthouse we bring our travelers to, and did every activity on the itinerary to make sure we provide the best experience and support small local businesses.
  • Its so easy! We take care of all the details and planning, including transportation, accommodation and the full itinerary. All you have to do is show up and make it your mission to live your best life!
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