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Wondering why iWander Travels? – Well here are the 5 reasons why you should not only experience group travel but why you should experience it with us! 

Group travel lets you find yourself while in the company of others… turning strangers into friends as the sun sets.

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Considering group travel? Heres 5 Reasons why you should choose iWander Travels for your next adventure. #grouptravel #grouptrips

Someone to Travel With…

Group travel is the best travel. Too many of us want to explore the world but choose not to because we fear going it alone. With iWander you will meet people from all over the world that you wouldn’t have met otherwise in your day to day life. 

Imagine having friends you can go visit in some of the countries you’ve only dreamt of in the past. There is no need to put your travel plans on hold anymore, you will always have someone to join you on your adventures. 

Less Stress, and more Time!

Want to travel but don’t want to plan, organize and do all the boring stuff? Hey, don’t worry, we got you, iWander does that all for you.

From time management to accommodation booking, that’s all us, all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

When you get to your destination, you can start exploring and having fun immediately! With iWander Travels you won’t have to lift a finger. We figure out all the logistics from the moment you touch down. Just bring your camera, your bathing suits and be ready to make epic memories. 


By Travelling with us you’re Giving Back.

It is important that we support the communities we visit. It goes beyond just being there and paying for goods and services. We support local business when we do all our excursions. We try to stay with local families whenever possible. We give back when we can by encouraging sustainable travel, doing beach clean ups, etc. We try to leave places we visit a little better than when we found them.

We see beautiful pictures on instagram and other social media all the time, but you see the real parts when you visit them yourself. When you travel with iWander you are not only making your life better you are making the lives of others better too. 

You get to explore and see the hidden gems.

Step out of your comfort zone and get off the beaten path with iWander Travels, as you get your very own trip leader.

You can choose an all inclusive resort and see the same people all week, swim in the same pool, go to the same club, or you can join us for a backpacking style adventure where we will show you the country you are visiting, where you’ll spend time with the locals instead of just more tourist and where you’ll be able to experience different parts of the country you are visiting.

Yes, don’t worry we will still show you the must see touristy places so you can get your perfect insta shot, but we will also take you to see some of the more hidden gems.

And, you don’t have to worry about getting lost?…

Someone will be with you every step of the way!

From the moment you land, until the very last day of your epic adventure you will have at least one other person traveling with you, our friendly and knowledgeable trip leaders. They’ll be there not to only guide you in the right direction, but go everywhere with you, take all your insta worthy pictures, keep an eye out on your wallets during long beach parties or show you where to buy the cheapest beer 🙂 . We’re there every step of the way, so by the end of the trip we are family!

Travel doesn’t have to be scary, but sometimes it is. With iWander Travels you’ll never feel alone. You will leave with more than memories; you will leave with friends.

So to review… Here is why you should choose iWander Travels for your group trips!

  1. You don’t have to do it alone.
  2. You save yourself time and stress.
  3. You give back to the local communities you visit.
  4. You have an expert trip leader.
  5. We are with you from start to end.

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